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2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon TDI (1 of 14)


Incredible. Another diesel Volkswagen. This time it’s the Golf SportWagen — an auto each devotee said, “I’d purchase that with genuine, non-Internet cash.”

We all know precisely how this is going to go:

The Golf is superior to the Jetta.

The Golf Sportswomen is superior to the 5-entryway Golf on the off chance that you have two children and a canine Japanese Car Dealer Dubai.

The 1.8 TSI is more enjoyable than the 2.0 TDI.

The 2.0 TDI is more productive than the 1.8 TSI, however insufficient to legitimize the expanded MSRP when fuel costs are low.

You ought to get the manual on the off chance that you can.

Quit purchasing Tiguans and get the Golf SportWagen. (Don’t bother. No one’s purchasing Tiguans.)

You ought to likewise purchase this on the off chance that you think about manuals and wagons and diesels, particularly as a bundle. (Cocoa is for Luddites.)

It’s in view of these focuses I dove into a week-long test of the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen — only a minor two weeks subsequent to driving the Jetta TDI.

What’s more, as much as I prefer it — ridiculously like it — the long-rooftop Golf is difficult to legitimize for precisely two reasons.

The Tester

2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen TDI SEL [USA]/Sportwagon Highline [Canada]

Motor: 2-liter DOHC I-4, turbodiesel with intercooler, direct infusion (150 drive @ 3,500-4,000 rpm, 236 lbs-ft @ 1,750-3,000 rpm)

Transmission: 6-speed programmed, DSG with Tiptronic

Efficiency (Rating, MPG): 31 city/42 expressway/35 consolidated

Efficiency (Observed, MPG): 39.9 mpg, approx. 70-percent city driving with a light foot

Alternatives (U.S.): Lighting Package, Driver Assistance Package.

Alternatives (Canada): Multimedia Package (incorporates bi-xenon headlights with AFS, 5.8-inch touchscreen sound with route, 8-speaker Fender premium sound, forward impact cautioning framework, LED daytime running lights).

As Tested (U.S.): $33,995 (sheet)

As Tested (Canada): $38,120 (sheet)

Yet, before we get to that, we should discuss the auto in a vacuum.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon TDI (8 of 14)


The Golf SportWagen (U.S., in Canada it’s called Golf Sportwagon … like the genuine word … in English) replaces the Jetta wagon in Volkswagen’s American lineup. The wagonified minimized acquires its new name by being more firmly identified with the Golf than the Jetta this time around. Underneath its sheet metal is Volkswagen’s measured MQB stage imparted to the present 3-and 5-entryway Mk7 Golf and Audi A3.

Because of a more cutting edge stage, the Golf SportWagen is approximately 134 pounds lighter than the active Jetta Wagon — and that is with a more extended, more extensive body. The long-rooftop Golf is 1.1 crawls longer and 0.7 inches more extensive Toyota car dealer than the Jetta it replaces, however Volkswagen makes a point to say the new wagon’s rooftop is 1.1 inches lower than its antecedent, conceivably decreasing the auto’s frontal range.

The execution of the Golf SportWagon is inconsistent to the Charger I drove the prior week. The Dodge looks totally not quite the same as its forerunner in spite of utilizing the same stage, while the Volkswagen by one means or another looks more like its antecedent even while riding on a radical new stage.

In advance, the SportWagen is all Golf. Put the two one next to the other and there isn’t much contrast. The headlights in our analyzer were fitted with LED daytime running lights that appear vastly improved in individual than they do in pictures on a blustery day. Underneath the guard skin is a modest square, concealed away, that houses the radar rigging required for the versatile voyage control and other semi-self-governing and wellbeing components. I must say that Volkswagen does one serious parcel better employment at concealing their modern techno gear than most others (FCA and Hyundai, I’m taking a gander at both of you).

Around back, the SportWagen gets its own particular sheet metal and taillights that are tenfold more engaging than the old Jetta wagon. The taillamps decorated to the back of the Jetta were entirely adjusted off and needed even a pinch of identity. The new SportWagen says, “Yes, I’m down to earth, however I’m quite sharp in the meantime.”

From the side, the SportWagen does the long-rooftop body style equity by keeping the D-column genuinely upright and the lines as basic and strong as would be prudent. This is no Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon and it shouldn’t put on a show to be. The brilliant, profound shade of Silk Blue Metallic paint is sufficient to point out this long-wheelbase Golf. Other than the shading, the Golf makes no brandishing brags, however the wheels are a smidgen much.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon TDI (11 of 14)


Inside is the same as some other Golf — great materials, very much arranged configuration, straightforward dials, not too bad controls, all wrapped around a shoddy infotainment show with crummy route and restricted media information alternatives — however more on that later.

When you gone through another auto consistently and need to wash every one, you see a few autos are much, much less demanding to keep clean than others. The SportWagen requested a basic microfiber material to convey radiance to the sparkly plastic bits and cleaning the remaining dash was a breeze.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon TDI (12 of 14)The instrument board is clear and simple to peruse — thank you, Volkswagen, for disposing of the moronic, retina-singing blue lighting accents that left phantoms in our vision — and the driving position was ideal for my 6-foot-1-inch outline. The seats are agreeable however not a big deal.

Be that as it may, if there’s one gold star to be given to the SportWagen — and this applies to the Jetta and Golf too — it’s for perceivability. Volkswagen has made sense of how to keep travelers safe without lifting belt lines to a driver’s understudies, and that is doubly essential when driving a low vehicle with a substantial inside volume and a back window that is apparently eleventy billion feet far from your back perspective mirror. This improved perceivability likewise adds to an extremely open, vaporous feeling in the lodge.


Keep in mind when I said there are two reasons that make legitimizing a Golf SportWagen troublesome? This is one of them.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon TDI (14 of 14)I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once more: If you have a cutting edge telephone that doesn’t utilize the old-style iPod/iPhone connector and you needn’t bother with a Volkswagen right freakin’ now, hold up until one year from now. There should be a superior infotainment framework and real, true blue USB ports.

Give me a chance to be clear: If you purchase a Jetta, Golf, or any Volkswagen with this red-headed stepchild mix of aimless innovation and later grumble about the amount it sucks in the remarks, I will connection to this audit every single time shouting, “I let you know so!” before tossing you to whatever remains of the B&B. The mix of no USB ports and a not very impressive infotainment framework in a current auto, particularly one in the $30,000 territory, is unpardonable in 2015.

Another niggle is the procedure you’re compelled to experience to match a telephone or media gadget by means of Bluetooth. You, the driver, must utilize the guiding wheel controls and instrument board showcase to match telephone and sound gadgets rather than the inside touchscreen utilized by each other automaker. Before you say, “Mark, I just ever matched my telephone to the auto once … when I first purchased it,” this configuration presents an issue for those of us who have travelers who need to interface their own gadgets as the driver is then compelled to perform blending procedure. Hope to see this usefulness move to MIB II’s inside touchscreen for MY2016 — however, by then, you won’t require it in light of the fact that Volkswagen will at last give USB ports along Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Much the same as the diesel Jetta from weeks prior, diesel delay from a standing begin is clear in the Golf SportWagen too. Because of no beginning torque from Volkswagen’s turbocharged pressure ignition four chamber, the Golf is moderate off the line until the snail begins to turn. It’s terrifying to start with, yet you can adjust for it following a few days.

The six-speed DSG programmed is the same as the Jetta TDI, as well. Fresh moves are the standard and there’s no driveability issues outside of those nitty gritty above.

The mileage shocked me. Indeed, even with all the extra weight of the wagon metal, the Golf still about peaked 40 mpg with negligible exertion.

However — and this is a major however — despite everything i’d have the turbocharged, gas-bolstered 1.8 TSI. Unless you are timing monstrous mileage or have an unreasonable longing to blaze fryer fat on Oregon, the 1.8 TSI is more enjoyable, conveys enhanced driveability and expenses less at first. Additionally, I’d have the manual, in light of the fact that.

2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon TDI (7 of 14)


Guess what? As much as writers reprove the Jetta and stack acclaim upon the Golf, Volkswagen has taken steps in making the invigorated Jetta a significantly more convincing suggestion. To such an extent that — and I hope to get a touch of flack for this — the Golf isn’t generally that vastly improved than the Jetta, or if nothing else insufficient to legitimize the higher cost.

On the off chance that you were directed to every auto, the Golf SportWagen TDI and Jetta TDI, blindfolded, and requested that rate which one is better, 95 percent of the purchasing open would basically shrug and say, “They’re both great to me.”

The Golf SportWagen TDI experiences the same off-the-line inertness as its diesel car partner. They both have skilled suspensions, however both feel a touch overwhelming, likely because of the huge diesel protuberance at the front. Both analyzers had brakes you expected to incline toward before they’d truly get those circles.

What’s more, this is an awesome segue into the second motivation to not get a SportWagen.

Unless you outrageously need a wagon, get a Jetta. Presently, you most likely saw I didn’t say Golf, and there’s a purpose behind that, as well.

The Golf SportWagen is, similar to DR Period says, “cash”. One can’t just disregard the monstrous can foresee which a Jetta can be had. In the event that you are hoping to get an


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