2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 – Japanese Car Dealer



The 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 lives within the edges.

The minimized — which gives more in like way to a hatchback than a SUV — has a presence by virtue of America’s all-things-half breed obsession. It sidesteps definition, maintains a strategic distance from unfaltering mileage evaluations and even makes them deduce in solitude feelings toward it. Beyond question, I can’t find a single antagonistic thing about the GLA. Fundamentally more, I can’t find a lone thing to worship.

The Tester

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250

Engine: 2.0-liter inline, turbocharged 4-chamber (208 torque @ 5,500 rpm; 258 pound-feet @ 1,250-4,000)

Transmission: 7-speed DCT transmission with paddle shifters

Productivity (rating): 24 mpg city/32 mpg roadway/27 mpg solidified

Productivity (viewed): 25.3 mpg according to outing PC in 60/40-split city/expressway driving.

Options: Cocoa chestnut outside paint; Satin light chestnut poplar wood trim; Blind-spot help Japanese Car Dealer Dubai; Bi-xenon headlamps; 19-inch wheels; Premium pack (satellite radio, warmed front seats, harman/kardon sound, twofold zone climate control); Multimedia group (highway, 7-creep high-determination appear, DVD player, development information).

Base expense: $33,300

Taken a toll as attempted: $41,950


From bill to butt, the GLA looks like adolescent hatchback forming into its tall edge.

That is not an arraignment on the GLA’s general looks. The GLA’s stretched out sheet metal from front to back watch unmitigated cutting edge appeared differently in relation to the BMW X1 and Lexus NX. Maybe not as customarily gorgeous as the Range Rover Evoque and a coin-flip stood out from the Audi Q3, however there is nothing about the GLA that obviously yells “senseless.” It’s unmistakable that German planners set out to fabricate an alluring half breed that happened to be a Mercedes, and not a Mercedes cross breed that happened to be pleasant looking. As I would see it, the GLA is too much made up for lost time with, making it difficult to look “praiseworthy” Mercedes.


Without a doubt, even the tail, which has the unenviable undertaking of lacing the various body lines and profile twists, looks immovably progressed and inspected. In case I expected to nitpick — and I think I have to — the bulbous tail lights have a whisper of revolting.


Ahead of time, on the other hand, the GLA’s nose and grille demonstrate a persuading conflict. The auto, which starts at just by and by $34,000, looks more indulgent from the front. It’s an occasion of Mercedes putting an unrivaled foot forward for area buyers. I slant toward the GLA’s nose over, say, the square formed approach of the GLK, however the GLA’s face is significantly less polarizing.

The thick C-segment ostensibly extends the GLA’s sudden end and gives the auto a more broadened procedure than its 179-inch estimation would illustrate. From all systems, the GLA looks more prominent outside than it truly is, and that is not a loathsome thing.

Shod with our optional 19-inch wheels the GLA sits tall and strong without being gaudy. If the Subaru Forester had a Y chromosome, it’d take after a Mercedes-Benz GLA.



In case desire was everything, the GLA’s inside would shimmer as a paragon for what lavishness half breeds should be. Shockingly, execution variables into the last result so we have to look at these things as they are — not as they could be.


At first, the common: the Mercedes-Benz three-talked wheel in the GLA is a fabulous touch. The wheel feels solid and certain, and its managing wheel controls and paddle shifters are among the best in the business right now.

Likewise, Mercedes-Benz’s COMAND structure (its infotainment interface) is clear and astoundingly unfussy. Coordinating a mobile phone or dealing with an area is a breeze, and the 7-crawl high-determination showcase is reliably planned into the GLA (however for $2,480 extra) without looking like a 80-inch HDTV in a trailer home.

The GLA even appears as though it also. The ballyhooed cross-hair air vents are critical, and even the beige fake cowhide seats would have me second-conjecturing shelling out $1,700 for the advantage of more stows away between the gateways.

Then again, it doesn’t take long for impressions to die down into reality.

The three-talked wheel covers the stalk and makes setting excursion control about unimaginable Nissan car dealer. The controls for the COMAND system are unadroitly set some spot between my elbow and my wrist, and the dash sounds unsettlingly exorbitantly exhaust.


To be sure, even the open to looking MB-Tex seats started to smooth the more I was in the auto and taking after 2 hours in a hot auto driving through the city, I wound up shivering to get out.

In case I can use a little case: the GLA’s electric-adaptable seat controls are in the doors, like one another new Mercedes-Benz. Unlike some of them, the GLA doesn’t have electrically adaptable headrests, however there’s still a touch of settled shaped plastic where that slider would go. In this way, the GLA has all the look inside that a Mercedes should have, yet it’s as of late not as unprecedented.

(Spring for the cowhide seats and you get a MB-Tex-sewed dash upper, which could take care of two issues on the double.)

The rearward sitting arrangements are pleasant for adults on short to direct journeys. My 6-foot-2-inch packaging could cover into the back behind the driver, however not with some individual my size driving ahead of time.


As a $2,480 elective on a $33,300 auto, Mercedes-Benz’s COMAND system is no minor purpose of hobby. The tremendous, impressive 7-creep high-determination presentation rises observably from the focal point of the dash and is especially an included extra — there’s no disguising that the GLA was manufactured first without it.

In any case, the COMAND structure is carefully organized and wasn’t exactly somewhat of a redirection for me. I’m phenomenally familiar with the arrangement and controls, so it’s hard for me to comment on the structure’s desire to retain data. On the other hand, I can report that in the wake of demonstrating voyagers how the little ish handle put near the compartment holders could slide AND turn, not a lot of people experienced trouble taking in the structure.

The colossal: The radio controls imitate a tuner, and the system is quick and dirty without requiring an over the top measure of thought.

The dreadful: Adding a phone, then including that same phone as a Bluetooth spilling contraption is a head scratcher.

The immense: The control handle is unnecessarily little for my colossal gloves.

In the new C-Class, the COMAND structure is verging on hard to beat. In the GLA, it’s awesome.



The GLA250 sports a 2.0-liter turbo four that makes a totally pleasing 208 hp. According to the creator, the GLA250 keeps running up to 60 mph in around 7 seconds, which may not be blinding, but instead may not be the engine’s issue. The 7-speed DCT transmission does its closest to perfect to keep the GLA in low-rev, fuel-saving area on the tach and it’s unmistakable. Over and over, I conjectured I was in third apparatus by the inverse side of the joining, and the GLA’s long legs are collected for wringing every single mile from its 15-gallon tank.

Lamentably, it’s a losing attempt.

Despite my sincere endeavors on long interstate outings, I couldn’t approach 30 mpg dependably, and the GLA may be thirstier than its 27 mpg merged rating would illustrate.

In solidified driving, over very nearly 200 miles, I directed scarcely more than 25 mpg without over-saddling the GLA or touching the paddle shifters.

The GLA is offered in front-or all-wheel drive, which Mercedes calls 4MATIC, courses of action. Our analyzer was the later, yet without much snow or mountain making a beeline for be found over the earlier week, it’s hard to report whether the all-wheel drive is indispensable. We’ll point the finger at El Nino. Then again something.



Regardless of being one of the scarcest immoderate automobiles that Mercedes-Benz offers, the GLA is shockingly sure and lithe out on the town. Its grippy, direct controlling was astonishing for an auto that weighs right around 3,500 pounds and powers all its essentialness through the front wheels under standard circumstances. I could induce the GLA250 into a push, yet not without a considerable measure of show from the wheels first. (Besides, is the way it should be.)

The GLA is definitely not hard to stop and shockingly adaptability around an Ikea parking structure (on the off chance that you’re considering what I did with it instead of colliding with the Rockies.)

There are a couple niggles, then again. The GLA is far from quiet inside. A great deal of road racket comes through into the hotel and it feels like Mercedes just maintained a strategic distance from a rate of the sound smothering material in the last plan.

Moreover, Mercedes’ accident neutralizing activity help system isn’t any more advanced than anyone else’s, which infers that it’s totally unnecessarily intrusive. In eccentric development, the system bumbled two or three times and forewarned of a low-speed affect that wasn’t going to happen regardless.

Moreover, if I could convince the transmission into shorter developments at the threat of less incredible mileage (on paper), I would. Pound your right foot, count to three and a while later the GLA move forward. There’s a great deal of time amidst action and reaction for an auto that costs more than $40,000.

In any case, there’s nothing completely unacceptable about the GLA. It looks incredible and passes on a thing that is about better than anything anyone else’s. It’s favored looking over the NX, more present than the X1 with additional insi


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